Ways Criminals Spread Malware – Fake Sites Feature Often!

Ways Criminals Spread Malware – Fake Sites Feature Often!

Image courtesy of: Christoph Scholz

  • Requesting Job assistance – crowdsourced help with software testing. Under the guise of services such as Dropbox and google drive to help transfer the job bringing some credibility. The request for help to test software gets those with a slight interest hooked.
  • Spam share opportunities on social networks will grab attention and a Free offer gets people in.
  • Using Youtube for spamming plausible ideas out there. People get hooked on the idea and the number of likes built up gives the purveyor of malware a great credibility cloak which wins over recipients.
  • Criminals using turnkey software can easily build impressive fake sites. Even stripping known sites for look-alike styles and then just sit and wait. Or more likely advertise to bring in the victims of malware.
  • Dating sites that then build trust and encourage sharing images which then turn out to be  Malware when accessed. 

Prevention is all going to be based on people being more aware and having cross-reference trustworthy validation of some sort.

Photo By Christoph Scholz

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