aFFirmFirst Image Control, Protection and Validation Services

aFFirmFirst is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that enables you to take a new level of control of your online digital images, as well as dramatically simplifying the process of distributing them around the internet. The software will deter and combat fraudsters and ensure brand integrity.
aFFirmFirst has been optimised to integrate efficiently with WordPress but also works well with a wide range of other web development platforms. Also ideal for internet bloggers and  Internet marketers sharing images with affiliates.

Image Protection

- add protection to your images and protect your IP

Logos, photos, diagrams are all valuable aspects of your website and deserve to be protected from rogue copying and complete site scrapes that could ruin your  online existence and brand  reputation. Every day fraudulent sites get copied and built all over the internet causing loss and sometimes devastation to brands and online identity.

  • why are they displaying our logo
  • who gave permission to that website
  • we need to control our images and whom has access
  • how will we update all our affiliate images quickly/easily and ensure they don’t giveaway our images without our consent

copying saves a broken image even when using professional scraping tools

Image Copyright

- be clear with your IP ownership when it matters & before the law is broken

On PC or Mac – right click copying is the first easy and  common way website IP becomes compromised. Prevention is better than cure and by adding a road block with a direct warning, the vast majority of misuse will be prevented.  A copyright rollover actively showing on all devices will backup copyright ownership.

  • photographers and brands need to ensure their own copyright is observed
  • adding copyright payment information could become a sales channel
  • giving clear signposting for copyright can prevent ongoing misuse and fraudulent owership
  • website visitors gain a greater sense of image value

popup image information and graphics can be added for each image

Site Validation

- give your visitors PROACTIVE confidence this site is genuine

Visitors to your website  deserve a simple effective check on the validity of the website which will improve confidence and strengthen brand trust. Simply clicking the validation button will authenticate that this site is genuine. 

Try a  validation page here.

  • a validation graphic that really works
  • validate your members’ websites
  • keep track of genuine members and let the visitor check them
  • update the membership status easily from the dashboard
  • ensure membership subscriptions are honoured

This video demonstrates how there is software that can  scrape sites for all its images. However with aFFirmFirst deployed your site can be protected.

Try the validation by clicking the VALIDATE badge at the bottom of this linked page –  (not a wordpress platform) or

Image Control

- the basis of any organisation's online IP control

Your online images are aggregated from many corners of your organisation . They are precious and need to be out there working for you.  aFFirmFirst  becomes your go-to online image content system saving you time and increasing the team’s efficiency

  • where are those images
  • are they in the right online format
  • how do I go about updating that website image easily
  • need to share an image to many affiliates  – save time  – update to many instantly – control whom shows what – live switching to /or from a protected image status

a cloud based dashboard that can be accessed from any device

Our Users

- dont just take our word for it, see what others have to say!

Working with aFFirmFirst is a great experience. Thanks to our joint work, our clients demonstrate more trust and confidence in the protection of their certificates. We find aFFirmFirst the perfect way to secure our valuable certificate images on our customer websites. Cyber security and certificate protection is extremely important for our industry, so we fully trust the professional services of aFFirmFirst.

Boris Videv /  MG Global Ltd

“In our field of brand protection, it’s important to lead the way in online trust and integrity. We use the aFFirmFirst service to show protection of our logo and accreditation marks. We can add important images such as photos or graphics easily and update them simply on the aFFirmFirst dashboard. It’s an asset we find valuable to help our online safety, presence and updating.”

Jim Mathieson /   CEO, C3i-Europe

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In today’s digital landscape, it is crucial to ensure the safety and integrity of your website. With just a few clicks, you can give your website, organization assets, and most importantly, your visitors a safer online experience. Take control of your precious images and protect against image stealing and fraud. Download our important ebook on scam site prevention and take advantage of our limited-time offer. GO TO