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What Does aFFirmFirst Image Control Do?

In its most basic form images are stored on your account within the aFFirmFirst SaaS account. These images are then delivered into webpages that you chose them to be displayed in. But you keep control from the dashboard. The same image could be delivered to many webpages including your regular  affiliates. But you still have control and can add protection or Validation to that image.

Where are my images stored?

aFFirmFirst is a  dashboard for you to control your images you upload. The images are in a secure Azure Microsoft Cloud blob storage. You keep full control over those images.

How many images can I add to the aFFirmFirst system?

You are only limited by your budget. Clearly the number of images and the amount of traffic to your website affects the level of your monthly pricing. However this can be calculated and a fair pricing will be monitored in order to ensure you don’t get over  charged.

As an Agency can I have more than one account on aFFirmFirst?

Yes you may well want to handle your clients images and add a extra value to your service. You could have multiple accounts where you can upload, update and share responsibility for clients and prove your accountability with staff login’s.


Is there a Managed Service?

Yes aFFirmFirst will setup the system in coordination with your web administrator. Ensure your system is working smoothly and continue to help you with any requests on a monthly contract basis.

How Long do the Contracts Run?

You can buy a minimum 3 month contract or a 12 month contract at a beneficial rate.


Does this System run on a Mobile device?

Yes you can access the dashboard from mobile devices giving your team in the field opportunity to upload fresh images, or control the update of any image. If your a single man business you can send and share image links for others to use in their website whilst still being able to control that image link from any mobile online device.

What is the minimum number of images I can run on the system?

You can run from just one important image upwards. You may want to control your website logo for example and ensure that where that is shared any update will flood out through your network almost instantly.
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